Happy Poush/Makar Sankranti

Happy Poush Sankranti everyone! The season of new harvest is almost upon us; in fact many parts of India are already celebrating with goodies prepared with the freshly harvested products.
My memories of Poush Sankranti are vague at best. Having grown up as a ‘Bambaiyya’ gal, I have been fortunate enough to experience the different flavours of the season, though what remains most imprinted upon my senses is the fragrance of molten patali gur or date-palm jaggery. And because we wouldn’t get the much-sought after preciousness in Mumbai, Didu would carry it with her during her visits, or we’d bring back a large stock on our way back from Kolkata…
The sizzle of ‘Patishapta’ frying, the slow bubble of milk for ‘Doodh Puli’, or the thick gloop gloop of jhola gur…remain embedded in every sense, even as I miss my Didu’s and Dad’s camaraderie during their annual Pithe-making season, as Mom would drag me away from all the enticing sights and sounds, towards my exam books! *sigh*
Gone though, are the days of languid relishing of ‘Shoru Chakli’ with jhola gur, the stealthy sneaking of ‘Patishapta’ from Mom’s hot-case, or slurrrrping the ‘Doodh’ from the large bowl of ‘Doodh Puli’…unbridled, unabashed, unparalleled! Now the memories remain, and as time moves on, I decide to try my hand at my own versions of ‘Pithe’.
These were made in a span of 6 hours yesterday, ending with a flourish after 3 past midnight..and as I crept into bed, broken and beat at 3.30 am, the only thing I could think of was…would these be good enough? 🙂 I guess you’ll have to be the judge!
On offer —
P.S – I was hoping for better pictures, but due to extreme shortage of time, ’tis is all I could manage! 😦
Anywhoooooo, I hope the new year brings forth wealth, prosperity and lots of good things to every one… 🙂

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