Happy Diwali~

Wishing ALL my friends, family, readers and well-wishers a Very, very HAPPY DIWALI. I hope this day brings you all scores of happiness, success and prosperity.


The festival of lights brings with it a celebratory feeling that is unlike any other; though all festivals have their own beauty and significance, Diwali, for me, has a very special meaning. I know I’ve often bored you all with my ‘memories of Mumbai’, but truly, I can’t stop thinking about Mumbai whenever I think of Diwali (or any other festival for that matter).


My favourite part of Diwali will always be the brilliant display of lights that illuminated our society; with 96 flats having their array of brilliant lamps, lights, and diyas. And then there were the social gatherings, the excitement of bursting crackers, sharing snacks and sweets and having to do nooooo homework! πŸ˜€ Of course we Bengalis also had reasons for double celebrations, for Kali Pujo also coincides with Diwali.


Kali Pujo celebrations take place after midnight, usually around 2 to 4 am. So we would spend the evening bursting some crackers with friends, and have an early dinner and skip off for the Bengali club around 10 pm or so. And thennnnnn…Dad would drop me home around midnight, while they attended the puja celebrations and returned home early morning πŸ˜€ Sometimes, my Didu (Nani/Grandmom) would be there…so no scope of ‘feeling scared’ at home alone πŸ˜› (Though one year, I watched the movie, SPECIES, and then, made myself a tent…and slept inside with the lights on πŸ˜› )


Anywaaaaaay… apologies about all the nostalgia πŸ™‚ It’s different here; no excitement, hardly any lights..no festive cheer. Though I can’t refute the fact that Kali Pujo here is beautiful, it’s Diwali I miss the most. So, to cheer myself up, I made a small offering to myself πŸ˜› a sweet-namkeen platter; some Diwali snacks and sweets.

Most of these items have been made for the first time, so they’re far from perfect… but…they do taste good! πŸ˜€ so I guess I can breathe easy, haha! Here is the list of Diwali goodies I made……the recipes will be uploaded after 6th of Nov…so, please bear with me!!! ❀

  • Motichoor Laddoo
  • Gathiya or Sev (spicy, salty)
  • Poha Laddoo
  • Cornflakes Chivda and
  • Kesari Rabri



Do enjoy your Diwali people, and have a good one!!!! May your lives be filled with the sweetness of these sweets and crispy goodness of the snacks, the brightness of lamps and may the explosion of good fortune forever be upon you all!

Love & Regards,


x0x0 ❀


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