Kancha Posto (Raw Poppy-Seed Paste)

As Bengalis, I think we’re born with that integral mechanism that makes us susceptible to this magical commodity called POSTO, aka, Khus-Khus, or the paste of the Poppy seed. There are some things that you can take out of the Bong, but, only to an extent, and Posto eating is one of those that remain ingrained, at least in my case.

The excruciating prices of posto make it almost unmanageable to consume on a weekly basis, although, in my house, it’s a very common thing to show up on the lunch table. Have you ever eaten aloo posto with ruti/roti? It’s yum!!! But I’m not here to preach about the delights of posto…..or..am I? 😛

Kancha Posto 2

This one is the most simplest, basic, rustic version and method of enjoying posto. It’s plain, it’s raw and it’s absolutely unable to resist. Though I must tell you, when I was a child, I refused, vehemently to eat it because it was ‘kaccha’ or raw or uncooked 😀 I want to smack myself now, for being such a dimwit…who on earth can refuse this? Not to mention, the wonderful snooze you can sneak in afterwards…

Kancha Posto 5
Freshly ground poppy-seed paste, yet to be dressed.

Now as you see above, that’s how the paste should look. When it’s ready, you only need to dab a few ingredients, and viola, deliciousness incarnate.

Kancha Posto 3

I like having this with plain steamed rice, with no sides, but you may choose to have it with dal or some fries, etc. It goes really well the next day too, but don’t store it for too long, especially in the summers as posto tends to get spoilt easily.

Kancha Posto (Raw Poppy-Seed Paste):


  • Posto/Khus Khus – 100 gms
  • Salt to taste
  • Onions – chopped, 1 medium
  • Green chilies – few, chopped
  • Mustard oil – to drizzle
  • Water, drinking water preferably – for soaking


  1. Soak the posto in drinking water, preferably for at least 2 to 3 hours.
  2. To make the paste, use a sil-nora (silbatta) or if that isn’t available, the normal mixer is good enough.
  3. Drain the water from the poppy seeds, and add it to the mixer.
  4. Now begin to make the paste, try not to add any water, the seeds will release their soaked water.
  5. Once the paste is semi-soft, add salt, and give it a few more whirs until a smooth paste is formed. Use your fingers to feel the paste between your fingers, it should be smooth and no grains should remain.
  6. Now pour it into a bowl, drizzle MO, chopped onions, green chilies and enjoy with piping hot rice.

Kancha Posto 4


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  1. Tandrima says:

    I never dreamt that Posto can be posted in such an excellent way. Congrats.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, yes it’s unique alright, but for us Bengalis, quite a normal item to enjoy once in a while 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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