Apple, Banana & Walnut Ice Cream (Vegan)

What’s the best thing to gorge on, in this god-awful summer? Ice creams of course!! Bursting with flavours, creamy, smooth and deliciously cold ice creams can make anyone from an 8 year old to an 80 year old, extremely happy 🙂

But then, with the deliciousness of eating an ice cream, also comes the guilt of calories! So what do you do? Stop eating ice creams? Oh hell no…not me! So I found some great faux ice cream ideas on the internet, and made my very own sugar free, vegan, low-cal ice cream 😀


Not only is this easier on the calories, but it is so much easier than making regular ice cream. You don’t even need an ice cream maker for this, and can make do with ingredients easily available at home.

All you need is an Apple, 2 Bananas and your choice of flavour or topping; be it peanut butter, chocolate, nuts, etc.


Apple & Banana Ice Cream (with toasted walnuts)


  • Apple – 1, peeled and cored, cut into pieces/wedges
  • Banana – 2 ripe ones, peeled, cut into chunks (Try to use the overripe ones; not only are they tastier but they’re sweeter as well)
  • Walnuts – a few pieces, toasted


  1. Freeze the cut apples and bananas for an hour, by placing them on a plate lined with baking paper (or they tend to stick to the plate)
  2. Take them out, bring to room temperature and blend them in a food processor or smoothie maker, until smooth and creamy.
  3. Pour the smooth mash into a bowl, and freeze for 2 to 3 hours or until hard.
  4. Scrape it back with a fork into the food processor, churn again and freeze for another hour. 
  5. Do this one more time, and then freeze until solid. 
  6. Use an ice-cream scoop to scoop into bowls, glasses or cones, top with toasted walnuts and serve!


Note: The temperature here has crossed 35 C and humidity is at its peak, so as you can see, my ice cream is quite soft. I did not dare take it out and had to stick my head into the freezer, with my DSLR to take pics…so they’re not the best, but you get the idea 😛


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  1. Yumm!! I like this with berries and banana combo 😀

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    1. I must try that some time 😀 Thanks!!

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